"In 2005 Frontiers Records approached me with a proposal to do an album project called "Sunstorm". It was inspired by a demo cassette tape that Serafino the President of Frontiers, had somehow acquired in his business dealings.

The tape was about 10 or 12 songs that were recorded in a basement on a small mobile reel -to -reel console that I was using for writing purposes. It was a prolific time and the writing was happening on a daily basis. Because there were very good counterparts playing with me at the time, plenty of good songs were written during that period.

I had been writing with Jack Ponti in early summer. Jack lived down the jersey shore and was friends with Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. We hung out ,wrote songs and ate his Mom's pasta. "Keep Tonight" came out of those sessions as well as many more songs yet to be recorded and released.

Al Greenwood, keyboard player for Foreigner, was especially important in creating a different sound color that was very inspiring.

Tony Bruno on guitar was an incredible player and came up with great riffs and killer leads.

Bob Held, my long time co-writer,was there to lend his talents as well." JLT

Find out more on Thursday about the writing and recording of the first Sunstorm album!

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