Joe Lynn Turner - Do what I like!


Check out this great video which shows a compilation of various different bands and projects through the years!

Here is a track list:
  • Fandango - Hotel La Rue; The Mill's On Fire (from the 'Last kiss' album, 1978); Rock'n'Roll You (from 'Cadillac', 1980)
  • Rainbow - Spotlight Kid ('Difficult to Cure', 1981); Stone Cold ('Straight Between the Eyes', 1982); Can't Let You Go ('Bent Out of Shape', 1983)
  • Joe Lynn Turner - Rescue You (intro); Endlessly ('Rescue You', 1985)
  • Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight; Hold On ('Odyssey', 1988)
  • Deep Purple - King of Dreams; Truth Hurts ('Slaves and Masters', 1990)
  • Joe Lynn Turner (solo) - Eye for an Eye ('Slam', 2001); Let's Go ('JLT', 2003)
  • SUNSTORM - Fame and Fortune ('Sunstorm', 2006)
  • Mother's Army - Do what I like ('Fire On the Moon', 1998)

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