Review of Joe Lynn Turner: Street of Dreams-Boston 1985


From Belgium(translated) of Joe Lynn Turner: Street of Dreams-Boston 1985:

Keys and Chords writes (translated): In his 30-year career, Joe Lynn Turner over 60 album credits to his name, and he is therefore one of the most distinctive, soulful and expressive rock vocalists. He started his career as frontman for pop-rock band Fandago in 1977, later Cadillac (1980). That gave attention to Rainbow's Ritchie Blackmore which recruited him to replace Graham Bonnet. Later he would emerge as a vocalist with Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple. He also worked with, among others: Mother's Army, Hughes Turner Project, Sunstorm and many others while he develop his solo career. 
To the delight of his fans bring Cleopatra Records now an unreleased live album from the legendary hard rock vocalist titled 'Street Of Dreams - Boston 1985.

The recording dates from Turner's tour to promote his solo album 'Rescue You'. Joe can that night in Boston Palace still remember well as excellent show and remembers even the support pole that prohibited nearly in the middle of the auditorium sight (speaking of details). The stage itself was a real concert stage which include Aerosmith and other artists always occurred that made this live show more exciting.Turner had just left a year at Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, with whom he recorded three albums which includes the classics "Street Of Dreams" and Top 40 US single 'Stone Cold'. In that one year he played the ready to release his solo album 'Rescue Me' and successfully stand on stage with his own band. It was the first tour that made the group or to an opening act went Turner can not remember, but if this was the case, the headliner will have had hard that night because the crowd already was over the top. You just hear that the band was in top form and played very precisely with an incredible energy and enthusiasm.

That energy can be heard from the start of "I Found Love" but also "Losing You" comes at the beginning of the set all convincing. The quieter 'Soul Searcher' has a nice melodic solo at the start and in the song itself. It seems like Joe Lynn Turner is really warmed up to 'Young Hearts' which he delivers both the high and in the lower parts really gorgeous vocals. Nice keyboard work of Greenwood also know that the guitar underpins harmonious."Endleslly" was the single from the 'Rescue Me' album and can also count on the necessary approval. In "Rescue You" is especially the bass that stands out and this number indicates a strong backbone. With 'Stone Cold' and 'Street Of Dreams' the band proves to have the Rainbow numbers below the knee. Here is Alan Greenwood who excels with his organ work and Messano may show itself from its best side during the solo of 'Street Of Dreams'. In 'Feel The Fire' pace may weather a lot up and they do so in full conviction. The stage must actually be shot on fire at this number. The following is a guitar solo by Bobby Messano but I personally enjoy more of the solos in the songs themselves. The subsequent 'Good Girls Gone Bad' on the other hand is another uptempo size. 'Get Tough' take back anything but gas has a pretty funky centerpiece with groovy slap bass which all musicians can freaking out here. It seems that Turner now anyway what his voice to the losing is because really convincing, compared with the previous numbers, then he does not 'On The Run', Messano other hand, remember to bring a beautiful solo from the hat.'Them Changes' is a lot better and the great thing in this song again that funky tune which Turner incites the public and encourages to go flat.

Joe Lynn Turner was assisted by Bobby Messano on guitar and backing vocals which, incidentally beautiful riffs and solos delivers performance. Alan Greenwood also his keyboard playing sounds melodic and thoughtful. For clockwork drumming gave Chuck Burgi and Barry Dunaway, who was allowed to take the bass accounted for as a newcomer, takes part in this well-oiled machine as if he had all the time is part of the occupation.

Given the times in which this album was recorded you can argue that this is a timeless classic AOR sound that can move with the times and certainly should not inferior to other productions. I can only conclude that this is an unmissable disc for Joe Lynn Turner fans particularly because here unreleased material goes that shows a band in top form.

A killer of a live album by a top notch band That played very Precisely with an incredible energy and enthusiasm, supported by a crowd tat was going totally nuts on this energetic performance.
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