The 4th Sunstorm project CD


The 4th Sunstorm project CD is out today! JLT says: “This new Sunstorm album is the best of the series! We went harder... stronger... and heavier than ever before without losing the integrity of what the project is about... I call it Melodic Metal! The songs are very well crafted, the messages are profound, the performances amazing… and the sound is incredible! All involved can be very proud of such a great music. I urge anyone who loves great music to check out Edge Of Tomorrow, you won't be disappointed!”

The resulting album shows a slightly new direction for Sunstorm, which still features organic and very strong melodies as a trademark.

The video for the title track features some truly extraordinary footage, directed by Menelaos at Vikos Canyon, the deepest and longest canyon in the world. JLT adds, "Menelaos' name comes from the king of Sparta… He's a visionary and an incredible artist, and he knew that this particular location was where we should do this, where we should show the world what is happening in symbology, in symbolic form."

Here is a You Tube link to the video that also links to where the CD and its songs can be purchased:

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